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An overview of the various services we offer.


We provide domestic support at any level you require – from emptying a bin and replacing a light bulb to cleaning a home and completing all laundry requirements. Our highly trained staff all maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness to ensure our clients well-being and good health is maintained.


Many of our clients benefit a great deal from our shopping service. Caregiver can travel out to buy food, toiletries or any other items you may need — whether you need transport to shops, help carrying your shopping bags, or someone to do your shopping for you, we can help.

We provide a personalised package for service users and their families. Offering a wide range of treatments and mobile service for your convenience, from holistic, remedial, relaxing to pamper, we cater to all your needs. Please have a look around our website for a list of treatments:

Community Access

Our caregivers will work on your behalf to identify your health needs and facilitate greater communication between primary care, psychiatric, specialized medical, and housing providers, to promote your overall well-being. This can include helping you liaise with medical, housing, entitlements, legal, education and community support services.

Seasonal Activities

We appreciate that certain times of the year can be pretty lonely for some when their loved ones are not nearby. To ensure you do not miss out, we provide a service to commemorate your religious festivals, be it be Eid, Hanukah, Christmas, Easter, New Years, St Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, Diwali or Visaaki. We can decorate your living area, prepare cultural cuisine, take you to your places of worship and celebrate with you.

Befriending Service

We have many volunteers from different backgrounds speaking various languages, that will visit your loved ones who may feel isolated, have a disability or mental illness, old age or socially disadvantaged. They may also be restricted or reluctant to go out. Our volunteers will visit them for a chat a cup of tea or watch a dvd.


We are also able to provide Meals on Wheels tailor made to the clients request. Whether it be a nutritious meal to a diet control meal, halal, kosher, vegetarian, Indian, Turkish, Greek, Nigerian, Jamaican and English. we use the finest ingredients and follow the advice of our very own nutritionist and dietician.


We also provide a laundry service. Washing drying and ironing. Different packages available upon request.

Sitting Service

Sitting service gives you the chance to have a few hours away from the person you care for.

Check out some of our moments with clients!