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About Us

Alpha care for you was the name originally assigned to the company , it was reflecting as a sister establishment stemming from Alpha estates With the duration of time and my progression in pursuing this pathway , I came to the realisation that my passion should be reflected in the name , the company should reflect me and all I hold dear to me . Hence my friend and I brainstormed an entire night and finally emerged with the idea of a perfect acronym . Each letter representing the first letter of my children’s names. HATSZZ represents my life’s passion and I wanted that it radiates too in my company . Prestige is our pledge to the public . It is the care we take that makes the difference . We serve provide a service that exceeds your expectations.


Tasnim Bint Bhupinder


"I’m am the senior director of This organisation, this concept was conceived with my daughter zaynah the junior director. Both mother and daughter had a vision to have our own platform where we can deliver care that we would want delivered to ourselves. Having worked in this industry 10 years I have seen many short comings and opportunities that I have not been able to avail due to limitations of the care company not being my own. Zaynah and I formed Hatszz prestige care, so that we could fill the voids and overcome all the obstacles faced by clients by impersonal barriers."

Zaynah Mumtaz Bharuchi


"It has always been an aspiration of my mothers to have her own care company. Seeing her over the years work extremely hard has inspired me to choose a Carer path conducive to helping her but also achieving my personal goal. I’m currently in the second year of my nursing degree at kings college university, I hope to conclude in 2022 and join my mother in progressing hatszz prestige care further. Currently I contribute as a Carer and assessor."

Nadia Altaf

Registered Manager

"My name is Nadia Altaf. I hold the privileged position of manager at Hatszz prestige care I have lived in Hackney for the past 21 years and been active in the health and social care sector of the community My background is from the grass roots of what we do …. delivering care . We work together as a united unit to serve of clients who we perceive as an extension of our Hatszz family."

Sagheer Nazir Ziggy


"Hi, I’m employed by hatszz prestige care to drive the carers during this pandemic. I also help with care work as and when required. Keeping the carers safe in these challenging times has been rewarding."

Our London Team

Murude Yardimci


"Hello, my name is Murude. The 4 years of my employment with this “special” organisation Hatzz Prestige care leaves me with both experience and memories that you have been part of, and I will cherish for many years to come. Thank you for sporting me at my worst. Thank you for inspiring me to do my best, and thank you for making me better human. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank you all for my company friends who believed in me."

Farah Mughal


Emine Betül Bezer


"I have been working for Hatzz Prestige for nearly two years, I must say this is the best company i have ever worked for. Management treat your more like a family member rather than an employee. The support i have received from Hatzz prestige is phenomenal."



"My name is Sarah I have been working for hatzz prestige care for nearly one year, I shall say this is one of the best opportunities I have had as it is opening many doors for me for example helping me get experience for my future job as well as having a good experience by meeting new people, helping them when In need not just physically but emotionally which is motivating and helping me each and everyday to become who I want to be. I want to give a big shout out to hatzz prestige not just for opening doors for me but for allowing me to build up my confidence, learning new skills which would set me up to be a good and better person"

Our Luton Team

Shazia Tabassum


"I have been working with Hatzz Prestige for nearly 2 years and the company is great because of its ability to be flexible and cater to my specific needs. The company allows me to gain happiness by expressing my interests in helping those in need. I love working for the company because they allow me to be me and have helped my confidence grow immensely."

Umeriah Hanif


"I have been working with Hatszz Prestige Care Ltd since one year. I enjoyed working with this organization because it has friendly environment for all employees and management always guide us properly. Its democratic leadership of the organization which attracted me the most. There is a lot of skills I learnt while working in this organisation which includes punctuality, communication, care for others and stress management."

Alia Haider


"I am working in this company since a year. The best thing about the company is it’s friendly environment and the best manager who’s always there to guide us whenever we need it. There are a lot more things that I enjoy being working here. We meet a wide variety of welcoming clients. While serving to them we learn many things from them. We love engaging with people of different ethnicities, diverse cultures and unique characteristics. Secondly, it’s not about the clients only, the friendly and easygoing environment of the company makes it more comfortable and interesting job to do. I simply love working here and definitely would recommend others to join it."

Harpreet kaur


"I have recently joined this company. This company provide me many opportunities.I am forever grateful to tasnim for giving me opportunity to work.tasnim has been so kind and so helpful guiding me along this new path i have taken.Hatszz prestige care ltd company staff is very competitive."

Sadia Bukhari


"I’ve been working at HATZZ prestige care over 2 years, and have been allocated the role of a care assistant. My job title requires me to care for my clients while both respecting their needs and also helping them with normal daily tasks. I really enjoy my job because it gives me a sense of responsibility and also confidence as I am working with people I haven’t met before, making new work friend and bonds with clients. It also makes me feel good about my impact on society as I like to think I have made a impact in someone’s life. Lastly I feel as though my job gives me a chance to work along side my colleagues."

Sareen Kouser


"I really like working at Hatszz prestige care. I enjoy helping clients and meeting different people on daily basis. The company has helped me fit in and have been very supportive."

Kiran Batool


"My name is Kiran Batool. I have been working in this company for 6 months. I have worked in many places before but by working here I know that I have chosen a great place. I have always felt like I am workingwith my family. Everyone working in this company is very friendly and kind. Especially our manager is a very nice lady who treats us all equally and always values ​​us. I am very happy and satisfied working in this company because I love my job very much and it gives me great satisfaction to help people. I am deeply grateful to my manager and colleagues."

Waqar Ali


"My name is Waqar Ali. I have been working in this company for 5 months. This is my first and best job in England. In these 5 months I have been convinced that this job is my best choice. I feel very happy to help elderly people especially those who cannot help themselves. Maybe many other careers including me are performing this service. I appreciate every career working in my company especially my manager who is helping us and people by teaching us all this."

Saira shahid


Sagheer Shah


"I have been working for Hatzz Prestige for nearly a year. I must say this is the best company i have ever worked for. Management treat your more like a family member rather than an employee. The support i have received from Hatzz prestige is phenomenal."


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